Inf Ki, Inf Stamina

Dragon Ball Final Remastered Descriptions:
–[Controls]– -LMB and RMB are Combat -Q for Ki Blast -Left Alt for Ki Sense -E to Block -F or MMB for Targetting -Hold E + Press Q for Evasive Skill -L To change Camera type ^ -J to Supress Aura -E+R to Deflect Ki Blasts -Z,X,C,V for Clashing Keys (Beams) -Space + RMB for Burst Dash (Targetted) -W+ RMB to Stamina Break -X to Vanish -P to Access your Menu -Double Tap Space to Fly -Left Shift to Fly Dash -Left Shift to Run -U to use Image Training [Unlocked from Tien First] / Press U again to disable -] and [ for Power Output

Script By : Unknown

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