Auto bring all Spawned, Rare weapon, Auto Supply, Etc

RPG CHAMPIONS Descriptions:
👍 Redeem codes and rewards by clicking the “Reward” button on the right side of your screen ⭐ Gain XP and currencies by defeating enemies and bosses! 🔑 Get stronger items from bosses, chests, trains, and shops! 💛 Equip up to 3 artifacts for extra boosts! 👹 Team up with other players and clear DOMAINS! ⚔️ Collect over 70 unique weapons and 40 unique armor sets! 🔋 Level up your items for better stats! ✨ Find secret chests around maps for rewards! ❓ Search for help by clicking the question mark button on the right side of your screen 🎉 FREE PRIVATE SERVERS ⚠️ Exploits are taken seriously, there is no unban ⚠️

Script By : Unknown

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