Trident Survival Descriptions:
Trident Survival is a survival game project that aims for fast paced action-packed gameplay, with cross-platform capability. Controls followed by [XBOX controls]: Move: W, A, S, D [Left Joystick] Navigation: G [Back / Menu] Open Inventory/crafting/clans: TAB [Y] Sprint: SHIFT [Press Left Joystick] Crouch: C [Press Right Joystick] Slide: Sprint + Crouch Jump: Space [A] Interact: E [B] Reload/Rotate/Change Ammo: R [X] Move Item: Click + Drag [A + Drag] Fast Move: Shift + Click Map Zoom: Scroll [L, R Trigger] Building: Hold R [X] to change build piece. Hold RIGHT MOUSE [L Trigger] to upgrade

Script By : Unknown

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