Twilight Daycare Descriptions:
🏠 New Houses – Brand new houses now available to buy in the game! 🏕️ Camping – Brand new camping activity available, spawn a tent and roast a marshmallow! ❤️ Interactions – Brand new interactions now available for everyone to use, Caretakers and Babies! 👶 Blankets – Brand new blankets available in different colors for you to add to your baby! ✏️ School – The Class time activity is now part of the activities schedule and includes a new minigame! 🍼 Strollers – Brand new Strollers now available for everyone to purchase in the Shop! 📖 New Story – Brand New Story now available to read in the Library! 🏕️ Camping House – Brand new Camping House now available in the House Menu! 🍪 Xmas Cookies – Brand new Cookie decorating area to create your very own christmas cookies!

Script By : Unknown

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